Re: Networking Status pre #2

Steven L Baur (
24 May 1996 12:04:09 -0700

>>>>> "Alan" == Alan Cox <> writes:

Alan> Can people mail the list (not just me directly) if they are seeing the
Alan> following with 2.0 pre 2

Alan> 1. double lock on device queue

Not since 1.99.5 on an EtherExpress 16 w/ 8MB of RAM. The last one on
3c509 or WD80x3 (the message doesn't give the interface) in 1.99.4.

Alan> 2. repeated socket destroy messages every 10 seconds

Yes, through 1.99.7. EtherExpress 16 & 3c509, both on machines with
8MB of RAM.

I'm now (1.99.7) getting a bunch of UDP checksum errors on dns
requests, does this count?

-- baur
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