Re: TTY switching - SysReq rather than Alt please?
Sat, 25 May 1996 01:39:58 +0200

: Shawn Rutledge ( wrote:
:: > > It occurs to me that a better key binding for switching consoles
:: > > would be Alt-SysReq Function-key so that the
:: > > Alt function keys could be used by programs.

Lots of people answer, but nobody points out that one simple
loadkeys command will achieve this.

Roeland Th. Jansen:

: use alt <###> where <333> is the number of the VC you want to switch to. The
: <###> is on the numpad. for the event that you need to send raw keys, escape
: first with alt <999> to switch VC switching off and atl <998> to switch it
: back on or so. A few system calls to have it done from a program and all is
: OK.

Even this strange construction is already possible today
(exercise: how?) using loadkeys.
Concerning system calls, in fact they are ioctls and also exist already.
For an example, see the source of chvt.