Re: 2.0 logo !

Bruce J. Bell (
25 May 1996 07:29:56 GMT

[someone wrote]
>> but anyway I think the logo on
>> is really best, the others are kind of nothing special.

Jos Vos wrote:
>I would vote for not including an architecture name, nor a version number
>(2.0). A logo should be simple, and it should not outdated just after
>it's released.

I agree this logo is the best. It has a penguin, it's a logo not
a picture, it looks damn professional!

The other thing is, it's remarkably flexible. If you're adamantly
opposed to cuddly animals, you can remove the penguin. You can
include the current version or omit it. You can add architecture
sub-logos if you want.

And, it's postscriptable. You can add it to a b&w ad or a full
4-color ad, or to your business card, or put it on promotional
paraphenalia of all sorts. I'd pay good money for a T-shirt with
this logo on it, but for a T-shirt maybe the penguin should be
larger and sitting on top of the logo...

>Of course, some variants could be made, but I think it's a good idea
>to keep textual additions outside the rectangle containing the logo.

I like the "2.0" where it is, but I think the "SPARC" logo in the
sample images looks too crowded. These are minor details, IMHO.


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