Re: Odd root (and suid root) behavior

S. Lee (
25 May 1996 10:50:17 GMT

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Steven N. Hirsch <> wrote:
>Marek Michalkiewicz wrote:
>A quick followup: I downloaded, built and installed sysklogd-1.3 today. The
>freezeups stopped, but a new buglet appeared which I've heard discussed on this
>list. Unless I put the startup command for syslogd in inittab, _after_
>rc.multi is run, it dies immediately.

I don't know if this is related, but syslogd 1.3 calls gethostbyname() to
get the FQDN of the host machine on line 710 of syslogd.c, and just use
the result without checking for failure. This causes a segfault if the
host name cannot be looked up somehow. You could check this by running
"syslogd -d" and see if you get a segfault.

I already sent the author a email about this.
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