Re: upgrading is hell

Leonard N. Zubkoff (
Thu, 30 May 1996 01:28:12 -0700

Date: Thu, 30 May 1996 00:24:54 -0700
From: Steve VanDevender <>
Precedence: bulk

I just decided to take the plunge and upgrade to the latest pre2.0 linux
(I'm a late adopter).

So I went to the kernel victims page and picked up all the stuff I
thought I'd need, like libc 4.7.6, and ppp-2.2.0f, and procps-0.99a, and
so on, since I've seen enough people whining about this and that
breaking and figured I'd try to avoid all that.

So first I upgraded to libc 4.7.6, then I tried to compile pre2.0.9.

I got almost all the way through the kernel build, then I got to
building arch/i386/tools/build, and it failed to link saying "undefined
symbol stat".

I find that using libc 4.7.6 I can't compile anything that has stat() in
it; stat() apparently isn't in libc 4.7.6. I got pre2.0.9 to compile
by changing stat() to __stat() in build.c, but I can't compile much of
anything else without stat().

What did I do wrong?

I still run libc 4.6.27, but my guess would be that your include files don't
match your C library. If stat isn't in libc 4.7.6, then undoubtedly it is
defined in one of the header files and maps to something that is.