Screen corruption on startup 2.4.0-test7

From: David Benfell (
Date: Sat Sep 02 2000 - 21:37:21 EST

Hello all,

I've seen this with earlier versions, starting on my old laptop, a
Compaq Presario 1250. But I'm now in the interesting position that my
only access to the machine is via ssh. This is what I saw when I

LILO boot:
Loading 2.4.0-test7..........
Uncompr g L.L Ok, booting the k#ke

The "U" is actually a flashing green U. And the hash mark is really a
musical note character. It finished booting, but with no further
display, and I can still see the above. There is no visible response
to the keyboard.

I had just figured out that the latest version of pcmcia-cs breaks the
SuSE network scripts, so this is the first time I've successfully
brought the machine up with network connectivity under a 2.4.0-test

But I'm composing this e-mail while ssh'd into it. So I have a pretty
good idea that the system is running well in every other respect.

I looked through dmesg and can't say I saw anything unusual. I'll
send it along with any other information you'd like. The screen may
not be happy, but I'm not seeing any particular reason I can't leave
the system like this indefinitely while attempting to sort this out.
Just tell me what to do.

David Benfell
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