Re: 2T for i386 OT

From: Andrea Ferraris (
Date: Sun Sep 03 2000 - 16:41:16 EST

Sorry for the OT,

but I'm really interested on the subject.

>>>You might be able to do that with hardware IDE raid controllers and
>>> the like such as the 3ware 8 port cards, or scsi raid controllers and
then run
>>> ext3 or reiserfs.
> >
> > If you're building a 2TB array, you're not gonna do it with bloody IDE
> > hardware. (I hope you're joking.)
> I used to think that. Im planning on deploying a 1Tb IDE raid using 3ware
> kit for an ftp site very soon. Its very cheap and its very fast. UDMA
> one disk per channel and the controller doing some of the work.
> All it lacks is hot swap.

I also planned a thing like that for some more modest servers
(only some ten GB), the question is with wich filesystem?
For my needs I think that also ext2 can do the job, but I'm looking
for advice for something better and at now I don't think
that ext3 could be the answer.

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