Re: [patch] string-486.h modified

From: Petko Manolov (
Date: Mon Sep 04 2000 - 02:39:17 EST

"Richard B. Johnson" wrote:
> > I think patch like this is not safe for 2.4.X-pre.
> >
> Not safe only in that there is sooooo much stuff changed all at once
> that it'd be a good idea not to change anything that doesn't have to
> be changed. I agree.

Actually there are no so many changes. I removed very deep macro
definitions of memset and memcpy which confused gcc-2.95.2. They
didn't confused gcc-, but anyway kernel crashed.
The code now is separated in two routines - one for the generic
case and one for the constant case. Which simplifies reading and
reduces code lines.
The other change is making memcmp alias to __builtin_memcmp which
i took from string.h and obviously works.

> > However, in 2.5.0 we should apply it, and force it on *all* cpus just
> > to test it well. Then in 2.5.10 we should turn it off for
> > pentium/MMX+.
> >
> > Pavel
> Once 2.4 is released, has its usual bug-fixes, becomes reliable, then
> Petko can send his diff. That way, new problems won't be thought to
> be a result of his patch. That us a good idea.

Kernel compiled with 486 string routines works fine for me. No crashes
no oopses. The only problem i noticed so far is immediate silent reboot
when i try to load module(s). The lack of any register dump or sysloged
info make bug detection harder.

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