Oops early in RH 6.2 boot disk kernel load

From: Rasmus Andersen (rasmus@jaquet.dk)
Date: Wed Sep 06 2000 - 03:57:48 EST


Im getting an oops almost right after 'unpacking linux...'. It is from
a RH 6.2 install process boot floppy. I have tried several floppies
to eliminate bad media. So I guess it is bad hw, probably RAM. It
is an old P75 with 32MB RAM. It runs win98 fine, but that is not
saying much ;)

I was hoping that someone would take a look at the oops and confirm
that it is RAM. It is at www.jaquet.dk/kernel/oops. It is copied by
hand so the standard disclaimers about that apply. Also, there is
more than what I could copy down since I cannot scroll the screen

Thanks in advance,

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