Re: modules_install?

From: Michael Elizabeth Chastain (
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 12:24:25 EST

> And what's up with the explosion of directories?

The existing system had at least three problems:

(1) Rules.make had a load of ugly code to translate from the source tree
    to the symlink farm. This code had plenty of bugs and race conditions
    (e.g. if two subdirectories have the same MOD_LIST_NAME and make
    runs in parallel).

(2) The top Makefile had a butt-load of even uglier code to translate
    from the symlink farm to the install tree. This code needed to
    be coordinated with modutils releases. It also suffered from bugs,
    such as configuration changes leaving stale files around.

(3) Module names had to be unique across the entire kernel tree,
    which is a silly limitation.

So now, the module installation code is simple and correct and doesn't
need to be updated in tandem with modutils every two weeks.

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