From: Ricky Beam (
Date: Thu Sep 07 2000 - 12:02:56 EST

What's the point of running depmod at the end of modules_install? The doesn't contain any versioned symbols so it just bitches about
everything as being undefined. (depmod needs a "-i" to temporarily ignore
versioning and it still bitches) And looking at the is a bad way
to judge missing symbols -- unless depmod knows to look for the exported tags.

And what's up with the explosion of directories? People bitch because things
aren't being divided up -- everything pilling up in misc. Other's bitch
in favor of a flat directory. And the answer is this?!? I'm all for
organization and the removal of the intermidary "symlink farm", but this is
INSANE. (did I miss a memo or something?)

Hmm, /lib/modules/<version>/kernel/fs/*... only ONE directory has more than
one file in it and it (nls) _isn't_ a file system.


PS: Gez, the linux build system has become the largest pile of rotting
    spaghetti I've ever seen. (It's like watching the old Spam Cam.)

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