Re: Adding vendor drivers...

From: Pavel Machek (
Date: Fri Oct 06 2000 - 16:39:53 EST


> So, when a vendor has to add a new driver, especially with the new-style
> makefiles, you have a one-line patch to a makefile, a one-line patch to
> a, and a patch which adds the driver to the tree.
> It would make adding new drivers to vendor kernel packages a whole lot
> easier and more modular if you could add a driver simply by doing:
> cp driver.c driver.mak linux/extras
> ...and then the makefile and config system automatically slurps this
> data. extras/Makefile could look something like:
> style init..
> include *.mak
> style obj-x handling...
> include Rules.make
> Something similar would have to be worked out for
> Of course, for anything complex, patching is still an option.
> Comments? Suggested implementation? :)

Well, having .in and .mak files with single lines in them seems ugly
to me. What about make dep scanning for

/* Makefile: obj-$(CONFIG_MY_DRIVER) += mydriver.o */

in .c files?

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