Re: [PATCH] pedantic code cleanup - am I wasting my time with this?

From: Stephen Satchell (
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 03:25:43 EST

At 05:58 PM 4/23/01 +0200, you wrote:
>>On Mon, Apr 23, 2001 at 05:26:27PM +0200, Jesper Juhl wrote:
>>>last entry should not have a trailing comma.
>>Sadly not. This isn't a gcc thing: ANSI says that trailing comma is ok (K&R
>>Second edition, A8.7 - pg 218 &219 in my copy)
>You are right, I just consulted my own copy, and nothing strictly forbids
>the comma... Sorry about that, I should have been more thorough before
>reporting that one...

 From the X3J11 Rationale document, paraphrase: The inclusion of optional
trailing commas is to ease the task of generating code by automatic
programs such as LEX and YACC.


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