[PATCH] Single user linux

From: imel96@trustix.co.id
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 06:44:58 EST


a friend of my asked me on how to make linux easier to use
for personal/casual win user.

i found out that one of the big problem with linux and most
other operating system is the multi-user thing.

i think, no personal computer user should know about what's
an operating system idea of a user. they just want to use
the computer, that's it.

by a personal computer i mean home pc, notebook, tablet,
pda, and communicator. only one user will use those devices,
or maybe his/her friend/family. do you think that user want
to know about user account?

from that, i also found out that it is very awkward to type
username and password every time i use my computer.
so here's a patch. i also have removed the user_struct from
my kernel, but i don't think you'd like #ifdef's.
may be it'll be good for midori too.


--- sched.h Mon Apr 2 18:57:06 2001
+++ sched.h~ Tue Apr 24 17:32:33 2001
@@ -655,6 +655,12 @@
                        unsigned long, const char *, void *);
 extern void free_irq(unsigned int, void *);

+#define capable(x) 1
+#define suser() 1
+#define fsuser() 1
  * This has now become a routine instead of a macro, it sets a flag if
  * it returns true (to do BSD-style accounting where the process is flagged
@@ -706,6 +712,8 @@
         return 0;
+#endif /* CONFIG_NOUSER */

  * Routines for handling mm_structs

diff -ur linux/Documentation/Configure.help nouser/Documentation/Configure.help
--- linux/Documentation/Configure.help Mon Apr 2 18:53:29 2001
+++ nouser/Documentation/Configure.help Tue Apr 24 18:08:49 2001
@@ -13626,6 +13626,14 @@
   a work-around for a number of buggy BIOSes. Switch this option on if
   your computer crashes instead of powering off properly.

+Disable Multi-user (DANGEROUS)
+ Disable kernel multi-user support. Normally, we treat each user
+ differently, depending on his/her permissions. If you _really_
+ think that you're not going to use your computer in a hostile
+ environment and would like to cut a few bytes, say Y.
+ Most people should say N.
 Watchdog Timer Support
   If you say Y here (and to one of the following options) and create a
diff -ur linux/arch/i386/config.in nouser/arch/i386/config.in
--- linux/arch/i386/config.in Mon Feb 5 18:50:27 2001
+++ nouser/arch/i386/config.in Tue Apr 24 17:53:42 2001
@@ -244,6 +244,8 @@
    bool ' Use real mode APM BIOS call to power off' CONFIG_APM_REAL_MODE_POWER_OFF

+bool 'Disable Multi-user (DANGEROUS)' CONFIG_NOUSER

 source drivers/mtd/Config.in

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