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From: Daniel Stone (
Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 08:38:01 EST

On Tue, Apr 24, 2001 at 08:27:56PM +0700, wrote:
> On Tue, 24 Apr 2001, Daniel Stone wrote:
> > Hence, Microsoft Windows. It might not be stable, it might not be fast, it
> > might not do RAID, packet-filtering and SQL, but it does a job. A simple
> > job. To give Mum & Dad(tm) (with apologies to maddog) a chance to use a
> > computer.
> >
> >
> > Since when, did mobile phones == computers?
> read the news! i'm programming nokia 9210 with c++, is that
> computer enough?

Aah. I see. Where was this? I never saw it.
> i bet if you programmed one, you'd wish you have posix
> interface.

That may be so, so hack up your own OS. It's a MOBILE PHONE, it needs to be
absolutely *rock solid*. Look at the 5110, that's just about perfect. The
7110, on the other hand ...

> > > that also explain why win95 user doesn't want to use NT. not
> > > because they can't afford it (belive me, here NT costs only
> > > us$2), but additional headache isn't acceptable.
> >
> > So, let them stay in Win95. They don't *need* NT.
> and how's stability, speed, etc. they read. is there a linux
> advocate around here?

There are Linux advocates, but I'd say most of us are sane enough to use the
right-tool-for-the-job approach. And UNIX on a phone is pure overkill.
> > If your sister doesn't want that, give your sister a copy of Win95. If she
> > doesn't want that, she obviously wouldn't get any advantage out of Linux, as
> > opposed to Win95, whatsoever. Would she get a kick out of having to learn an
> > entirely new environment? Granted, I'm far more productive in GNOME,
> > Sawfish, emacs and mutt than Win95, Word and Outlook, but it takes people
> > time to get used to, and you'll have trouble dragging them out of
> > point-n-click.
> okay, it wouldn't cost me. but it surely easier if everybody used
> linux, so i could put my ext2 disk everywhere i want.
> hey, it's obvious that it's not for a server!
> i try to point out a problem for people not on this list, don't
> work around that problem.

Your sister won't notice much advantage. Linux on a workstation actually has
*disadvantages* (unfamiliar interface, unintuitive same, etc), as opposed to
'Doze on a workstation. Sure it's more stable, and the tiniest bit faster,
but what's that really matter to your sister, if she can't even figure out
how to use it?

-d, who owns a 7110 and can lock it solid, or get it to do funny resetting
tricks, at least once every 2 days

Daniel Stone
Linux Kernel Developer
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