problem found (was Re: [PATCH] Single user linux)

Date: Tue Apr 24 2001 - 09:04:02 EST

On Tue, 24 Apr 2001, Daniel Stone wrote:
> Aah. I see. Where was this? I never saw it.

psst, it's a proto.

> That may be so, so hack up your own OS. It's a MOBILE PHONE, it needs to be
> absolutely *rock solid*. Look at the 5110, that's just about perfect. The
> 7110, on the other hand ...

mobile phone to you! already, people has put linux on pdas.

> There are Linux advocates, but I'd say most of us are sane enough to use the
> right-tool-for-the-job approach. And UNIX on a phone is pure overkill.

problem is you guys are to unix-centric, try to be user-centric a little.
it's not like it ruins everything. that patch basically do something
like allowing access to port <1024 to everybody, someone just need
to bring a notebook to get passwd from nis.
multi-user security is useless at home as physical access is there.


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