Re: Architecture-specific include files

From: Pavel Machek (
Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 05:47:24 EST


> Matthew> Something which came up in one of the hallway discussions at
> Matthew> the kernelsummit was that a lot of the architecture
> Matthew> maintainers would find it more convenient if the
> Matthew> arch-specific header files were moved from include/asm-
> Matthew> to arch//include. Since we use a symlink _anyway_, no
> Matthew> global changes to include statements are necessary, we'd
> Matthew> merely need to change Makefile from
> [snip]
> Matthew> Would anyone have a problem with this change? It'll make for
> Matthew> a hell of a big patch from Linus, but it really will simplify
> Matthew> the lives of the architecture maintainers.
> I don't see what it saves, except for the fact you just have to run
> diff -urN once instead of twice when you want to send Linus a large
> diff. Or am I missing something?

Saving one diff urN is nice, plus you can distribute your architecture
as tar file more easily, plus it is easier to put just your arch in cvs.

I like it.

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