Re: Aironet doesn't work

From: Ookhoi (
Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 05:13:05 EST

Hi Elmer,

> the whole pcmcia does not work in 2.4.
> Not with latest cardmgr.

My 3com 3c575 (kernel 2.4, 3c59x) works fine, and has done so since I
bought it.

> What makes airo_cs to work is that pcmcia package
> and kernel modules are replaced.

They are not replaced. They have a different name. You can try them both
with the same kernel.

> That is what most of distros do.
> Which overwrites kernel standard ones and really fucks things up
> for pcmcia drivers being in kernel.

I use pcmcia kernel modules and userspace modules together to make both
the 3com and the aironet cards work.

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