Re: Kernel 2.4.10 and ACPI

From: Pavel Machek (
Date: Thu Sep 27 2001 - 09:03:36 EST


> I should mention that I get exactly the same result from 2.4.9. I hadn't
> tried ACPI before then.
> On both my desktop (based on a SuperMicro P6DGU with the Intel 440GX
> chipset, l) and my laptop (HP Omnibook 450B) when I build in the ACPI system
> (either as module or into the kernel) the system hangs on boot. It does
> this at the point of activating ACPI. I enabled the debug mode and my
> laptop dies at:
> ACPI Namespace successfully loaded at root c028a6c0
> ACPI: Core Subsystem version [20010831]
> Executing device _INI methods:.....................
> (that's 21 '.'s).
> Is there anything else I can do to help track down what's causing this and
> resolve it?

Add debugging printk's to see _which_ device's _INI hangs the machine.

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