Re: IRQ Routing Problem on ALi Chipset Laptop (HP Pavilion N5425)

From: Pavel Machek (
Date: Mon Dec 10 2001 - 11:04:06 EST


> > > > Hey, this gross hack fixed USB on HP OmniBook xe3. Good! (Perhaps you
> > > > know what interrupt is right for maestro3, also on omnibook? ;-).
> I've updated my bios on my Pavilion N5430 and guess what is shows on
> the bios boot screen (if you disable the bios splash screen)... Omnibook
> XE3. They are one in the same, at least model number wise. weird,
> considering there are no AMD omnibooks..

I *do* have AMD omnibook on my table.

> > Ouch, you said you have maestro on irq5. And does it *work*? For me,
> > it plays mp3 but repeats portions even on wrong interrupt.
> My maestro is on IRQ 5, and the pIRQ table says it should be on IRQ 5, and
> it works fine. Earlier 2.4 kernels (before .8 or .9) had all sorts of
> problems with the maestro3 (actually Allegro-1), but i haven't had any
> problems in a while.. Try ALSA, see if that fixes your problems.

Interrupts are not comming. If I hook it on irq11 (usb), and make usb
generate interrupts, it plays.

> > > apply to both. If you want to help get the BIOS updated (the root cause,
> > > IMHO), please call HP support and reference case number 1429683616 (that
> > > 9 may be a 4 - my handwriting is horrible). That's the case I logged
> > > with thim about the broken PIR table (USB irq showing 9; being 11) and
> > > failure to enable sse on athlon 4/duron/xp chips.
> Good luck.. I emailed HP support, and got the "we're forwarding your
> request to the BIOS people".. and that was 4 months ago.
> Ohh, and Marcelo accepted the K7/SSE patch for 2.4.17, so no need for that
> patch anymore..

I do not much care about sse, but I'd prefer my sound working :-(.

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