Lockups with 2.4.14 and 2.4.16

From: Johan Ekenberg (johan@ekenberg.se)
Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 18:29:38 EST

We recently upgraded 10 servers from 2.2.19 to 2.4.14/2.4.16. Since then,
several servers have experienced severe lockups forcing hardware resets. The
machines are Intel PIII (Dual) SMP running Epox motherboards. Here are the

## The Story:
 - Suddenly a machine gets a load average of about 500-1000.
 - It's not possible to log in either at the console or by SSH.
 - Some commands are possible to run through ssh from a remote server, like:
   "ssh badserver ps auxwf" or "ssh badserver free"
 - Despite a system load of 1000, commands like "free", "ps" and "uptime"
often respond quickly, no "sluggishness".
 - The locked up machine seems to use all available memory plus a good deal
of swap
 - The process table gets bigger and bigger, mainly ipop3d processes from
users trying to fetch mail but getting no reply.
 - The processors seem to be mostly idle.
 - Killing processes doesn't work, not even with SIGKILL.
 - We haven't been able to find a time pattern for the lockups, or to
reproduce them at will.
 - No kernel error messages are written to the console or logs.
 - Ctrl-alt-delete produces a "Rebooting"-message on the console, but there
is no actual reboot. Power cycling is the only way out.
 - My not-so-professional guess is that the machine is locked up waiting for
some disk i/o that never happens, either to swap or normal filesystem. But,
I might be all wrong.

## Hardware:
 - Dual PIII 850 on Epox BXB-S and Epox KP6-BS
 - 1Gb RAM (4x256)
 - Mylex AcceleRAID 352 PCI RAID Controller,
   IBM disks, 3x36Gb Raid-5 mounted on /
   and 2x18 Raid-1 mounted on /var/spool
 - 1x20Gb IDE for /boot and swap (2 x 2Gb swap partitions)
 - 1x36Gb IDE for backups

## Kernel:
 - 2.4.14 and 2.4.16
 - Patched for reiserfs-quota with patches found at
     ( * 50_quota-patch
       * dquota_deadlock
       * nesting
       * reiserfs-quota )
 - Complete kernel-config found here:
 - Boot parameters are: "ether=0,0,eth1 panic=60 noapic"

## Filesystems:
 - ReiserFS (3.6) except /boot which is ext2

## General
 - The servers are used mainly for:
   * Apache/PHP with ~1000 VHosts
   * Mail (Sendmail, imap, pop3)
   * MySQL

## /etc/fstab:
/dev/rd/c0d0 / reiserfs defaults,usrquota,noatime,notail 1
/dev/rd/c0d1 /var/spool reiserfs defaults,usrquota,noatime,notail 1
/dev/hdb1 /hdb1 reiserfs defaults,noatime,notail 0 0
/dev/hda1 /boot ext2 defaults 1 1
/dev/hda2 swap swap defaults 0 0
/dev/hda3 swap swap defaults 0 0
none /dev/pts devpts gid=5,mode=620 0 0
none /proc proc defaults 0 0

## lspci:
00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation 440BX/ZX - 82443BX/ZX Host bridge
(rev 03)
00:01.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation 440BX/ZX - 82443BX/ZX AGP bridge (rev
00:07.0 ISA bridge: Intel Corporation 82371AB PIIX4 ISA (rev 02)
00:07.1 IDE interface: Intel Corporation 82371AB PIIX4 IDE (rev 01)
00:07.2 USB Controller: Intel Corporation 82371AB PIIX4 USB (rev 01)
00:07.3 Bridge: Intel Corporation 82371AB PIIX4 ACPI (rev 02)
00:08.0 Ethernet controller: 3Com Corporation 3c905B 100BaseTX [Cyclone]
(rev 30)
00:09.0 Ethernet controller: 3Com Corporation 3c905B 100BaseTX [Cyclone]
(rev 30)
00:0a.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation: Unknown device 0964 (rev 02)
00:0a.1 RAID bus controller: Mylex Corporation: Unknown device 0050 (rev 02)
00:0c.0 SCSI storage controller: Adaptec AHA-2940U2/W / 7890
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: S3 Inc. 86c368 [Trio 3D/2X] (rev 02)

This is my first post to LKML, please forgive me if I forgot some relevant
Please Cc: replies as I'm not subscribed to LKML.

Best regards,
/Johan Ekenberg

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