Kernel issue 2.4.6~2.4.16

From: aaronhsieh (
Date: Tue Dec 11 2001 - 21:50:58 EST

Dear Kernel team:
                                 I have some question about Kernel 2.4.6~2.4.16.

                                 I make Kernel 2.4.6~2.4.16 on my system.But the O.S will dump on every time(If i set CPU type for AMD Athlon/Doron/K7)
.And has results in message:

CPU: 0

EIP: 0010 [<c012c9c7c>] Not Tainted

EFLAGS: 00010282

eax: 00000088 ebx: c02b3000 ecx: c02b2fe8 edx: 00003331 esi: c10ccc40 edi: 00000000

ebp: 00000001 esp: c1689e54

ds: 0018 es: 0018 ss:0018

Processs mrtg (pid: 1930 , Stackpage= c1689000)

Stack: c02b315c 00000001 c02b2fe8 00000000 00002331 00000282 00000000 c02b2fe8

            c012cbfb 000001d2 c34299c0 c3627640 c1dbd3d8 00000000 c02b2fe8 c02b3158

            000001d2 c024bac6 c012ca16 080fb6214 c01230c6 808f6214 c3627640 c34229c0

Call Trace: [<c012cbfb>] [<c024bac6>] [<c012cae6>] [<c01230c6>] [<c0123e6f>] [<c0123285>]
                     [<c0111318>] [<c0111270>] [<c0131977>] [<c01245a4>] [<c01235d3>] [<c0106fa0>]

                   It's all.

                   So,how to fix the "big problem"?

                   If set CPU type for "P-III / Celeron".System fine! Why?

My H/W configuration:
                                       VIA Chipset: KN-133 ' KLE-133(North Bridge)
                                                               686B(South Nridge)

                                        AMD Duron-850 ' Mobile Duron-850

                                        On-Board 64M SDRAM(Share 8M VGA ram)

Aaron Hsieh

Micro-Start Int'l Co.,Ltd.

IA Testing Team

Tel.886-2-3234-5599 #8429


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