kernel strangeness

Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 14:24:09 EST

Hi all-

I am trying to create a RH 7.2 based system that will run on a read only
32 meg flash disk. It is going on a Soekris Net4501 board, which has 3
ethernets, 64 meg memory, and an AMD Elan SC520. I loaded the flash disk
on a full install of RH 7.2. Custom compiled the kernel for no modules,
for an i386 architecture. It works fine on the desktop system I used to
load it, but when I put it on the net4501, Lilo loads, starts loading the
kernel, then it hangs. The last message on the screen is Freeing unused
kernel memory. I also downloaded the latest 2.4.19-pre7, compiled it for
the Elan processor, with no success. Same thing happens.

I'm not sure what the kernel is looking for, why it stops at that
particular place. Can anyone help?


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