Re: IO stats in /proc/partitions

From: H. Peter Anvin (
Date: Sat May 04 2002 - 17:46:34 EST

Alan Cox wrote:
>>Earlier I noticed that RedHat did put some statistics in
>>/proc/partitions. That was bad, but I assumed that it was
>>their laziness, being too busy to do a proper job.
> It was put there in the 2.2 era after discussion with various folks. Its
> been in most vendor kernels for about four years.
>>On the other hand, disk statistics should not be in
>>/proc/partitions. They should be in /proc/diskstatistics.
>>I see a heading today "rio rmerge rsect ruse wio wmerge"
>>"wsect wuse running use aveq". No doubt next year we'll
>>want different statistics. So /proc/diskstatistics should
>>start with a header line including a version field.
> The stats have been unchanged for years too. As to version lines
> why ? This is lets mke /proc XML hell again
>>Please keep these disk statistics apart from /proc/partitions.
> It has to contain each partiiton anyway.

If we're going to add stuff to /proc/partitions, I'd really like to see
it contain: a) parent device, and b) offset.


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