CRC32 - computed or table-driven?

From: Stanislav Meduna (
Date: Sun May 05 2002 - 02:44:12 EST


I need to compute a crc32 in my small not-ready-for-the-prime-time
patch against 2.4.19-pre. I do not (yet) follow the 2.5 development.

There is <linux/crc32.h> that does what I want, but not quite
effectively and with comments that it is unsuitable for bulk data
and that it will migrate to net/core/crc.c.

There are table-driven /usr/src/linux-2.4.19/fs/jffs2/crc32.*, but
this code is hidden in a filesystem subtree.

Any plans to do it "the right way" in 2.4? Is net/core (mentioned
in the crc32.h) the right place? - as we see it is used also
in the filesystem code and lib would be probably a better place.

I can post a patch, but I cannot test whether it breaks jffs2
and as this adds 1 kB to the kernel that might not be needed
I would like to ask first. Who is hacking these parts?



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