BUG: sym53c8xx_2 and highmem_io

From: Todd Inglett (tinglett@vnet.ibm.com)
Date: Mon Sep 16 2002 - 12:49:46 EST

I've been having an interesting experience getting sym53c8xx_2 working
on ppc64 now that highio is in place. Of course ppc64 doesn't need
highio, and it does set blk_nohighio = 1 in setup_arch(). So the
sym53c8xx driver works.

However, sym53c8xx_2 fails because after calling scsi_register() in its
attach it blindly slams highmem_io on (in sym_glue.c). Is this
correct? It seems to me that it should just leave it alone since
scsi_register already handled that.

I might be misunderstanding something here. Is there anything else a
64-bit arch must do for highio? I found we also weren't setting max_pfn
which seemed bad...though maybe irrelevant.

The trivial patch to fix it is attached, but I haven't tested it on a
system that supports highio.


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