From: Mark Knecht (mknecht@controlnet.com)
Date: Mon Sep 16 2002 - 12:48:09 EST

   Sorry for the intrusion. I'm working in the Linux audio areas and am
looking for information on how IRQ priorities are handled when using APIC
under Linux. Google searches have not yielded much for me. I'm a hardware
guy, so code stubs are probably not the best answer, but I'm interested in
most anything on the subject.

   Can someone point me towards any non-developer information on this
subject? HOWTOs, explanations, whatever? Mostly just looking for how to best
configure audio cards and disk controllers to get the lowest latencies in
this specific application. I understand the traditional model quite well, so
even a doc that talked about the differences would be very helpful.

   Thanks in advance!

With best regards,

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