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From: walairat kladmuk (
Date: Sun Sep 22 2002 - 04:42:21 EST

I have a problem installing Mandrake 8.2.

Installation appears to work fine but when I try and boot the system the
following is a copy of the kernel messages as boot fails (last 8 lines)

PCI <something>
PCI <something>
PCI <something>
PCI <something>
Isapnp: Scanning for PnP Cards
CPU0: Machine Check Exception: 00000000000000000007
Bank 3: b40000000000000000000083b at 0000000000000001fc0003b3
Kernel Panic: Unable to continue

Having played around with numerous installation techniques (full/min,
various partition configs/types) over the last 4 days I haven't made any

I even tried Red Hat 7.3 (Valhalla) and the same happened.

I built the system last week.
Here is an outline of my system:


AMD Athlon 1.6 XP

256MB 266 DDR one module (1 free)

Seagate 40MB

LG DVD Drive

No PCI Cards mounted or AGP cards.

Sound and Video is onboard, see http above for details.

In my exploring of the installation via the rescue mode, I noticed the
Config file in boot and was wondering how this is used? Is this only used
when compiling the kernel or would changes make any difference now? A few of
the switches looked promising to try playing with but since I am not really
sure where to start compiling the kernel some advice here would help. Where
do I find documentation on what each config_Switch in the config file does
for example?

The third party kernel modules that are asked for when installing might also
be worth a try... advice here appreciated.

My gut feeling is that given the error message the boot fails when looking
for an ISApnp card... my motherboard is very new
( and doesn't have an
ISA slot.

Can anyone offer me a little advice here? Is there any way to do it without
having to recompile the kernel? (Not done this before relatively new to
Linux, though I have plenty of time to burn :)

D Scaife (yahoo only sends html style mail which list sees as
spam hence the reason this comes from elsewhere)

p.s. Also played with the and tried deleting all those lines
beginning with isapnp... no luck... these are shots in the dark :)ut feeling
is that given the error message the boot fails when looking for an ISApnp
card... my motherboard is very new (see profile) and doesn't have an ISA

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