RFC: bus_type and device_class merge (or partial merge)

From: Adam J. Richter (adam@yggdrasil.com)
Date: Thu Dec 19 2002 - 14:36:10 EST

        If there is a more specific mailing list than lkml for discussing
the generic driver model, please feel free to redirect me.

        I'm thinking about trying to embed struct device_class into
struct bus_type or perhaps just eliminate the separate struct
bus_type. The two structures are almost identical, especially
considering that device_class.devnum appears not to be used by

struct bus_type {
        char * name;

        struct subsystem subsys;
        struct subsystem drvsubsys;
        struct subsystem devsubsys;
        struct list_head devices;
        struct list_head drivers;

        int (*match)(struct device * dev, struct device_driver * drv);
        struct device * (*add) (struct device * parent, char * bus_id);
        int (*hotplug) (struct device *dev, char **envp,
                                    int num_envp, char *buffer, int buffer_size);

struct device_class {
        char * name;
        u32 devnum;

        struct subsystem subsys;
        struct subsystem devsubsys;
        struct subsystem drvsubsys;
        struct list_head drivers;
        struct list_head devices;

        int (*add_device)(struct device *);
        void (*remove_device)(struct device *);
        int (*hotplug)(struct device *dev, char **envp,
                           int num_envp, char *buffer, int buffer_size);

        At first appearance, a bus_type (PCI, USB, etc.) and a
device_class (network devices, input, block devices), may seem like
opposite ends of the device driver abstraction, but really I think
these are basically the same, and, more importantly, there can be many
layers of these interfaces, and the decision about which are bus_types
and which are device_classes is causing unnecessary coplexity. For
example, SCSI defines both. SCSI can be a hardware bus, bus it also
needs device_class so that scsi_debug (and eventually scsi generic) can
use the struct interface mechanism.

        If you look at the five places where a struct device_class is
actually defined in 2.5.52, you'll see that either the device_class is
not referenced by anything else or it has no bus type. So, there
seems to be little use of the distinction.

device_class variable Referenced elsewhere? bus_type?

cpu_devclass No system_bus_type
memblk_devclass No system_bus_type
node_devclass No system_bus_type
input_devclass Yes (mousedev, tsdev) (None)
shost_devclass Yes (scsi_debug) (None)

        Also, merging device_class and bus_type could also enable a
little more consolidation between struct device_interface and struct
device_driver (as with device_class.devnum, device_interface.devnum
does not appear to be used currently).

        Anyhow, I think this could shrink the drivers/base a bit and
make it slightly more understandable. I'd be interested in knowing if
anyone else is contemplating or developing this or wants to point out
issues to watch out for.

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