[OT] Whole thing about GNU/Linux and Linux

From: Steve Lion (steve.lion@verizon.net)
Date: Sat Jan 18 2003 - 15:50:06 EST

Would like to first say, I am not a hacker or contributor to the
linux-kernel. The point of this e-mail will probably not effect anything. All I have to say is that all of this arguing about the name GNU/Linux / Linux
must/should come to an end. You all are arguing over a stale point.
People will call it GNU/Linux, people will call it Linux. That's the
end of it. All of this crap being exchanged will result in not one damn
thing. Some people may not get the credit they deserve, but OH WELL,
shit happens. Let people call it what they want. All of you will just
keep going back and forth over your own view of the subject, and still,
nothing good will be at the end. You can keep making comment on this
or not, but the argument will never end. Neither side will win.


I am simply a person who uses the Linux operating system. Nothing else.
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