NUMA sched -> pooling scheduler (inc HT)

From: Martin J. Bligh (
Date: Sat Jan 18 2003 - 15:54:21 EST

Andrew, hopefully this'll give you a cleaner integration point to do
the HT scheduler stuff ... I basically did a rename of "node" to "pool"
on sched.c (OK, it was a little more complex than that), and provided
some hooks for you to attatch to. There's a really hacky version of
the HT stuff in there that I doubt works at all. (sched.h will need
something other than CONFIG_SCHED_NUMA, for starters).

It's not really finished, but I have to go out ... I thought you or
someone else might like to have a play with it in the meantime.
Goes on top of the second half of Ingo's stuff from yesterday
(also attatched).

I think this should result in a much cleaner integration between the HT
aware stuff and the NUMA stuff. Pools is a concept Erich had in his
scheduler a while back, but it got set aside in the paring down for
integration. We should be able to add multiple levels to this fairly
easily, at some point (eg HT + NUMA), but let's get the basics working
first ;-)


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