Re: printk() without KERN_ prefixes? (in 2.5.59) and Q: small kernel image doc

From: Keith Owens (
Date: Tue Jan 21 2003 - 04:23:20 EST

On Tue, 21 Jan 2003 09:58:43 +0100,
"Ph. Marek" <> wrote:
>Should they be fixed to KERN_INFO or some such? I'm willing to contribute a
>patch (which will be done by script, of course). Or am I missing something
>and they shall stay as they are?

Do not blindly add KERN_*. Some prints are done with multiple calls to
printk(), only the first call should have KERN_*, otherwise you get
lines like this, with embedded '<n>' strings.

  /dev/xscsi/pci01.00.0-1/target0/lun0:<6> p1<6> p2<6> p3<6> p4 <<6> p5<6> p6<6> p7 >

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