Re: Expand VM

From: Herman Oosthuysen (
Date: Thu Jan 23 2003 - 14:42:15 EST

The trouble is that you will spend so much money on the power supply,
that the product won't make economic sense. It would be better to just
use a general purpose PC mother board, PSU and a UPS, since then, you
get tremendous economy of scale.

John Bradford wrote:
>>>I've seen loads of solid state devices based on flash memory, but few
>>>that are based on battery backed DRAM :-(.
>>There is a good reason for that: Power consumption.
>>A large SDRAM disk would require refresh logic etc. So you will end up
>>with something closely resembling bad notebook PC.
> I suppose it makes sense for portable devices, but would it really be
> that bad for desktop/server use? I was only thinking of about a 24
> hour battery backup time - to keep the contents overnight, for
> example.
> John.

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