Re: Aic7xxx 6.2.28 and Aic79xx 1.3.0 Released

From: Scott McDermott (
Date: Thu Jan 23 2003 - 18:42:29 EST

Justin T. Gibbs on Thu 23/01 08:08 -0700:
> > I didn't track your development efforts too closely... does this
> > mean that latest 2.4 (2.4.20?) will detect my oldie 7782?
> The Olvetti EISA IDs have been included since 6.2.24?? or so.

Which means that they won't be detected with the 2.4 mainline tree,
which appears to have 6.2.8 in 21-pre3.

FWIW, I can't run my NFS server without Justin's patches; it blows up
easily under load (even a simple resync of the RAID array running off it
causes all kinds of errors after only a few minutes). This is a 7892.

With Justin's 6.2.24 driver it works great even when I beat the hell out
of it.
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