Re: interrupts across PCI bridge(s) not handled

From: Jes Sorensen
Date: Tue Nov 04 2003 - 04:53:16 EST

>>>>> "Charles" == Charles Martin <martinc@xxxxxxxx> writes:

Charles> They are now getting handled properly, i.e. I am receiveing
Charles> interrupts from the boards located in the backplane extender.
Charles> This is with 2.4.22.

Charles> I didn't realize that ACPI is related to interrupt management
Charles> as well as power control. Is there any downside to using
Charles> ACPI?

Yep it does ;-( IA64 relies exclusively on ACPI for irq routing and on
x86 you are seeing more and more hardware that requires it as well,
notably Sony laptops such as the R505 series will not see interrupts
assigned to their cardbus bridge without ACPI interrupt routing.

As for downsides, take a look at the ACPI spec and judge for
yourself. I'll refrain from commenting ;-)

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