Re: Re:No backlight control on PowerBook G4

From: Daniel Egger
Date: Tue Nov 04 2003 - 05:44:46 EST

Am Mon, den 03.11.2003 schrieb Benjamin Herrenschmidt um 22:54:

> It works with up to date stuffs. That is my latest 2.6 tree with
> radeonfb and XFree from CVS. Part of the problem is that the firmware
> sets up a tiled display. I updated my radeonfb to "clear" the
> various SURFACE_* translation registers (among other fixes).

I've the most recent X but up to now I've tried your 2.4 branch where
radeonfb doesn't work, so I was using offb.

> Yup. I need to figure that out. It's possible that it does like a G5,
> that is boot full speed when you auto-boot and low speed when you boot
> via OF user interface. There may be need for some thermal control as
> well.

This would be so cool.

> The "N" thing is normal. Apple hacked so that only DHCP servers which
> know about some special Apple extensions can be used when doing that.

I believe for this there are patches floating aroung which teach the ISC
DHCPd new parameters. There are also config snipplets which let one
configure using decimal notation of the attributes; will try.

> The easy work around is to use the syntax:
> enet:x.x.x.x,file

Yupp, this is what I'm doing...


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