Re: test9 and bluetooth

From: Marcel Holtmann
Date: Wed Nov 05 2003 - 06:33:14 EST

Hi Fabio,

> Bluetooth USB crashses
> I'm playing with a Bluetooth USB dongle (D-LINK DBT 120) and it works quite
> well, but when I unplug the dongle the system freeezes immediately. I've
> tried to unplug other USB devices as scanner or printer but without crashes.
> System: PIV 2.8 Abit IC7-G MB;
> 2.6.0-test9 #3 SMP
> Relevant Modules:
> bnep
> l2cap
> bluetooth
> uhci_hcd
> ehci_hcd
> hci_usb
> rfcomm
> I'm not using devfs but udev/sysfs.
> I get no informations/messages in logs.
> I'm using the same dogle and usb devices on a 2.4.21 kernel (on a different
> HW) and I can remove the dongle without any problem.
> If more informations or tries are needed just let me know.

please try this with a non SMP kernel and/or a non preempt kernel. Do
you have enabled the Bluetooth SCO support for the HCI USB driver?



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