Re: test9 and bluetooth

From: Fabio Coatti
Date: Wed Nov 05 2003 - 22:36:16 EST

Alle 12:31, mercoledì 05 novembre 2003, Marcel Holtmann ha scritto:

> > I get no informations/messages in logs.
> > I'm using the same dogle and usb devices on a 2.4.21 kernel (on a
> > different HW) and I can remove the dongle without any problem.
> >
> > If more informations or tries are needed just let me know.
> please try this with a non SMP kernel and/or a non preempt kernel. Do
> you have enabled the Bluetooth SCO support for the HCI USB driver?

I've tried with UP kernel (test9 straight, no bk-wathever), preempt, and it
freezes in the very same way. Tomorrow I'll try with UP and SMP no preempt.
the SCO module was compiled but not loaded.
I've noticed several Oopses during system shutdown, but I can't say if this is
related to the bluetooth issue. Tomorrow I'll try again and I'll post also
the oopses.

Fabio Coatti
Ferrara Linux Users Group
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