Re: -nice tree [was Re: [Swsusp-devel] Re: swsusp problems [was Re: Your opinion on the merge?]]

From: Luke-Jr
Date: Fri Mar 26 2004 - 22:42:54 EST

On Saturday 27 March 2004 02:08 am, Nigel Cunningham wrote:
> On Sat, 2004-03-27 at 10:22, Pavel Machek wrote:
> > You are right, that would be ugly. How is encryption supposed to work,
> > kernel asks you to type in a key?
> I haven't thought about the specifics there. Perhaps the plugin prompts
> for one, or perhaps it takes a lilo parameter?
The only purpose I can think of for encryption would be so someone can't grab
the HD and boot it on another PC or read the image directly.
Unless I'm missing something, that would imply that the key would need to be
generated from a hardware profile (only creatable by root) somehow to
restrict its readability to that one system.
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