[ANNOUNCE] 2.6.4-hsc1 patch for MMU-less ARM is available.

From: Hyok S. Choi
Date: Sat Mar 27 2004 - 04:31:35 EST

Hello ARM users!

MMU-less ARM patch against linux-2.6.4 kernel, linux-2.6.4-hsc1 patch is
available at:

The ATMEL AT91xx(ARM7TDMI) platform support is added, which means
GDB/ARMulator is supported also. And proc-arm940.S is included. (contributed
by Hee-Chul Yun)

You can download it directly at :

This patch pending to be merged to 2.6.4-uc0 patch.

Happy Hacking!

Hyok S. Choi


Engineer (Linux System Software)
S/W Platform Lab, Digital Media R&D Center
Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd.
tel: +82-31-200-8594 fax: +82-31-200-3427
e-mail: hyok.choi@xxxxxxxxxxx


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