Re: Why pass pt_regs throughout the input system?

From: David S. Miller
Date: Wed May 12 2004 - 14:27:58 EST

On Wed, 12 May 2004 11:50:26 -0700 (PDT)
Dmitry Torokhov <dtor_core@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> As far as multiple keyboards issue going - SysRq is a debug tool and
> I relly do not see you hitting SysRq on the two keyboards at the very
> same time to mess up the call traces.

Maybe to get two backtraces on two different cpus?
Be creative :-)

> Anyway, my "problem" is the following: SysRq register dump and call
> trace require keyboard.c event handler to be caled from hard interrupt
> context which is not always feasible.

USB handles this fine, and I seem to remember it does use tasklets.
You can save the pt_regs value at hardware interrupt and pass that
in during the tasklet run perhaps?
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