RE: [PATCH]InterMezzo Patch against linux-2.6.6

From: Peter J. Braam
Date: Wed May 12 2004 - 21:12:14 EST

Hi Linus, Andrew,

I spoke with Chen and you can just drop InterMezzo now. It is easy to
maintain as a module outside the kernel, we did that for some years.

- Peter -

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> Subject: Re: [PATCH]InterMezzo Patch against linux-2.6.6
> On Wed, 12 May 2004, Yang, Chen wrote:
> >
> > Below is the patch of InterMezzo again linux-2.6.6, I
> can confirm
> > that it's effective. I'm sad to see it's removed in bkl. It
> seems that
> > this is the last patch for InterMezzo. :(
> It's removed because Peter seems to not want to support it
> any more, and there didn't seem to be any usage. But if
> people out there are actually using it, and somebody wants to
> support it _and_ it is in good working state for 2.6.x, we
> could certainly bring it back to life.
> But if you only do this because you want to fix warnings that
> people have posted about the sources, and you're not actually
> seriously using it and maintaining it, then I'll just apply
> this patch against plain 2.6.6 (so that it doesn't go away if
> somebody wants to resurrect it later).
> In other words - holler if you want to seriously support it.
> We're not deleting it to be spiteful..
> Linus
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