Re: [PATCH] Sort kallsyms in name order: kernel shrinks by 30k

From: Albert Cahalan
Date: Wed May 12 2004 - 21:29:03 EST

> Admittedly, anyone who sets CONFIG_KALLSYMS doesn't
> care about space, it's a fairly trivial change.
> Name: Sort Kallsyms for Stem Compression
> Status: Booted on 2.6.6
> Depends: Misc/kallsyms-include-aliases.patch.gz
> Leaving the symbols sorted by name rather than address,
> so stem compression works more effectively. Saves a
> little over 30k here.

That's nothing these days.

How does this change stand up to benchmarking?
Start up 12345 processes or more, then do this:

time ps -eo wchan >> /dev/null
time cat /proc/*/wchan >> /dev/null

As Keith Owens says, "top can consume a complete
cpu out of 128 cpus". (not that I can verify this)

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