Re: [PATCH] ICH6/6300ESB i2c support

From: Jean Delvare
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 15:57:54 EST

> The reason I have the renumbering in pci_ids.h and the new device
> support in i2c-i801 in the same patch, is that the new device support
> is dependent on the devices being added to pci_ids.h. However, if it
> is the consensus that these be two separate patches, I can separate
> them.

I think it's better to split because the first patch (renumbering) seems
to be a good thing even if the second patch were not to be applied.
Experience proves that individual patches that do just one thing are
more likely to be accepted quickly than big ones, thus my advice.

> As far as using the ICHx model name is concerned; I can not use the
> model name "82801xx" until after the product has launched. I have
> also seen requests to use the ICHx name rather then the model number.
> Again, if it is the consensus, I can go back after the product
> launches and change all of the #defines, for the device, to use the
> model number rather than the "common" name.

That won't be needed. If you have good reasons for your choice, it's
fine with me. I was just wanting to avoid a policy change without a
reason. Since you know why you changed, it's OK (with me at least).

> I will look into providing the same patch for the 2.4 kernel.

Thanks :)

Jean Delvare
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