Re: [patch] VP-2.6.9-rc4-mm1-T6

From: Ingo Molnar
Date: Tue Oct 12 2004 - 04:47:35 EST

* Ingo Molnar <mingo@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> i've uploaded -T6:
> this should fix the UP build issues reported by many. -T6 also brings
> back the ->break_lock framework and converts a few more locks to raw.
> SMP is still expected to be flaky due to the zombie-task problem(s).
> But UP is not out of the 'extremely experimental' status either.

one more warning wrt. PREEMPT_REALTIME: if this option is enabled then
it is not safe to make interrupts non-threaded via
/proc/irq/*/*/threaded. If you need to turn an interrupt into a
high-prio event then its irq thread should be set to RT priority via
'chrt'. (-T7 will turn off /proc/irq/*/*/threaded altogether, to make
sure it's not set accidentally.)

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