Re: Oops in 2.6.10-rc1

From: Christian Kujau
Date: Mon Nov 08 2004 - 16:05:00 EST

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Linus Torvalds schrieb:
> No, just gut feel. If the pre-merge ALSA works, and the post-merge one
> doesn't, and the oops in both cases happen somewhere close to where it
> does "pci_enable_device()", there's not a lot left. There are interrupts,
> and there is the PCI layer...

yes, makes sense.

>>i did "bk undo -a1.2463" from a current -BK tree and it oopses:
> Note that "bk undo -axxx" will _leave_ xxx in place, and undo everything
> after.
> So what you did still has the merge in the tree, and that it still oopses
> is thus to be expected. BUT, we're getting closer.

yes, i think i understood that. that's why i wanted to revert 1.2463 too.


> Now, that's fine - the USB merge is likely to be ok, so try doing
> bk undo -a1.2462

for now i appreciate your work here but i have to postpone the the "bk
revtool" stuff because i have no X _and_ bk here. (but i'm a good student
and will do my homework)

> and you will now have a tree that is exactly the same as before, except it
> does _not_ have the PCI merge from Greg.
> And if this one does not oops, you can now officially blame Greg.

i can't wait... ;)

>> Now, if you want to get _really_ fancy, you can now look at each changeset
> that differed, with something like
> bk set -n -d -r1.2462 -r1.2463 | bk -R prs -h -d'<:P:@:HOST:>\n$each(:C:){\t(:C:)\n}\n' -
> which is black magic that does a set operation and shows all the changes
> in between the sets of "bk at 1.2462" and "bk at 1.2463".
> (This is _not_ the same as "bk changes -r1.2462..1.2463", because that one
> just shows the single merge change that is on the direct _path_ from one
> changeset to another. The black magic thing shows the set difference of
> changesets that comes from the full graph at two points).
> Then you can look at each change individually and see if they matter.

will do, after the build

> And once you can do the set operations, you're officially a BK poweruser.
> Me, I just have a script, I'm a BK dabbler.
> Looking at the list (appended), I don't see anything obvious, but hey, if
> it was obvious it wouldn't have been merged in the first place.
> Thanks for your willingness to pursue this thing,

hey, thanks to you and to the folks in the Cc: field to chase a bug which
only _i_ encounter until now.

/me is building now....
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