Re: Why my computer freeze completely with xawtv ?

From: Olaf Titz
Date: Mon Nov 08 2004 - 16:17:03 EST

> I suspect two things:
> - there is some bug in bttv and similar drivers (DVB) that corrupts memory
> related with internal mm and vfs structures or does something equally bad,
> - or maybe PCI bandwitch is overflowed, but I do not think it should
> happen.

This (first alternative) sounds related to the problem I had with DVB;
I got visible corruption of video memory when using xawtv on the DVB
video device using Xv on a G550. The cause might lie in either of:
- Hardware/AV7110 firmware
- Kernel DVB driver (probably: AV7110 videodevice part), tried many versions
- Xfree86 XV-over-videodevice driver, tried several versions
- Xfree86 MGA driver, tried several versions

Never found the cause, but the problem went away with disabling the Xv
extension (now using video overlay mode).


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