Re: kthread realtime priorities and exporting sys_sched_setscheduler()

From: Andrew Morton
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 14:16:55 EST

dcn@xxxxxxx (Dean Nelson) wrote:
> I'm trying to push XP[C|NET] out to the community. (For further details:
> )
> An objection was raised over the exporting and calling of
> sys_sched_setscheduler(), which XPC calls to make its kthreads
> run at realtime priorities. Without this change we found that it
> was possible for user processes to be given a higher effective
> priority than the kthreads used by XPC. The upshot of this was
> that the latencies incurred by XPC increased 300 times in the
> test example given. If XPC's kthreads were given realtime
> priorities this did not happen. (For further details:
> )

I'd disagree with Christoph on that. Being able to set the scheduling
policy from a module-based kernel thread is a sensible thing to be able to
do, and you can do it by issuing a direct trap anyway.

EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL() would be preferred.

Possibly it could be done by adding a variant of kthread_create() which has
a new `policy' argument, but it doesn't really seem worth the fuss.
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