question about module and undeinfed symbols.

From: Sylvain
Date: Sun Nov 14 2004 - 13:42:48 EST


I have a problem of undefined symbol, that prevents me from loading
the module I wrote.

The function that is "undifined", is actually defined within the
kernel code, and I wanted it to be exported with "export_symbol"
macro. After re-compiling, the variable is actually presents in
/proc/kallsyms. (but with type == 't' -> section text, but not
global according to proc file..)

if I tried to compile a module using this variable, i got a warning
"undefined symbol", and for this reason, the module refuses to be
loaded with "insmod".

What I dont understand is the following:
The fonction printk, is also undifened and exported with the same
macro "export_symbol". but compilation doesnt complain about it!!

Am I missing a step somewhere?!
Thanks for any help,

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