Re: automated filesystem testing for multiple Linux fs

From: Steve French
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 19:59:38 EST

Michael Clark wrote:

Steve French wrote:

... Since
at present only XFS and JFS have the full combination of server
features: better quotas, DMAPI, xattr support, ACL support and
nanosecond file timestamps on disk

Does JFS have quota support now?

Last I looked it was still on the To Do list.


I remember them adding it four months ago or so. Looking at
it seems to be mostly in changeset 1.1803.133.1

Now if I could only figure out a way to get the quota tools to work with a network filesystem :)
(NFS bypasses the kernel for quotas by hacking directly into the userspace tools which is no
better than the hack we have to do with the samba client utilities for setting quotas out of
kernel today).

It would be fairly easy for me to hook cifs into getting called from do_quotactl (in fs/quota.c) but that
interface only works with local filesystems that have real devices (not deviceless filesystems like
network and some cluster filesystems). I find it very strange that the quota interface takes
a path converts it to a local device and then converts it to a superblock. If only we could define
a sys call to allow deviceless filesystems to hook into the kernel quota interface - it looks like a small change
to create a one off of sys_quotactl.

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